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>> time for what do i need to know for the next week. tracy? >> thisac financial transaction tax gaining a lot of ground. you're picking it up. might come here. be very careful if it goes through. >> wayne, what too i need to know? >> talking about oil and gas. clmt, it's trading at a yield, in excess of 7% and a lowul multiple of 11 and i own it. >> how about you jonathan? >> i'm bearish on bonds and gold, but bullish on the financeeers, like penn and park financial, pnnnt. they invest in the debt andf equity of a lot of mid-sized companies. this is one that could too well, even as commodities go down and interest i rates go up. >> interesting. we've really kind of shored upav the banking system.ys
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that's an interesting play. keep your eye on that one. that's it t for the cost of freedom block this week. thank you for joining us. remember, you can weigh in on all the topics we discussed onit twitter. be sure to sound off. remember, while you work hard, pay your taxes, put food on the table, lawmakers in washington are cash noting in and that haso stop of thes have a great weekend, everybody. ir hello, everyone. i'm andrea tantaros, eric bolling, dana perino and on lonb from bill o'reilly, the one and only jesse it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city. move your hand.
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this is "the five." >> president obama was back in his hometown pushing for gun control. the presidentor spoke in chicago where the p skyrocketing murder rate is now as bad as the al capone gangland days. so far this year, there have been 44 homicides. that's comparedth to this time n 192 when there were only 26. eric, you were born and raised26 in chicago. this problem has gotten out of hand in the first five hours oft this year alone. five shootings. h i talked to anonymously some cops on the ground. is not enough force and these i are a lot of young teens committing these crimes and the civil rights groups are out of control. they can't even lay hands on these kids to try and bring them in. you think what the president said will have any effect? >> listen, let's give him credit, president obama credit for going to chicago because we called him out and said why
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aren'tor you going and he bypasd chicago. he's in chicago where the murder rate now is higher than any other major city in america. it's more than double from, say, 20, 25 years ago, the rate, bob. and the actual number, 508 last year. on pace to break that number this year. all the while, there is a hand gun ban in the city of chicago. not a concealed carry ban. a hand gun ban. you're not allowed to carry a hand gun in the city of chicago. the most strict gun control laws aren't helping the murder rate go down. so you apply that across they country, doesn't make any sense to apply those rule. >> first of all, if anybody felt that the camera moved up and down just as you -- andrea threw her bag behind, her purse. >> it was left on set. >> let me just say that one thing you want to keep in mind, al capone's day, there were 26 murders. now there is 44. chicago was a fifth of the size as it is now.t that might have something to do with it. this is a gang war.
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>> the rate. >> what? >> it's 19 per 100,000 int? chicago right now. the national average is 4.7 per 100,000. it now surpasses any other citye at any other time. >> how many are having a>> drug war? >> okay. you want the law abiding citizens to be unarmed while there is drug wars going on? >> it's not in neighborhoods where there are law abiding citizens. >> he's right about that. i was in the south side of chicago last year. >> by yourself? >> i was there with a few guys,w street guys. i said, i'm a little nervous. they said don't be nervous, weu don't shoot white people. they're fighting over narcotics. the economy is squeezed, so they're fighting over smaller and smaller pieces of the pie. nothing spilled out into the white neighborhoods yet. right now it's contained. >> it's irrelevant who is shooting whom. maybe the cityat needs a lot mos
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gang cops, cops that break up, the gang. but certainly don't need more gun laws. >> i know. the cops there, what they don't do is get on the streets and do foot patrol. they stay in their cars. they don't form relationships. >> because the civil rights groups in chicago. because a lot of these culprits are young kids.ot they put pressure on them, don't lay hands on these kids. last year alone, 96% of gun felonies were not even prosecuted in the town. so how do you fix it from here? >> i think that what everybody is doing is focusing on the wrong problem. so the gun issue, yes, i would like it, too, if we could waiveu a magic wand and there would be no more gun violence. the root cause of this is the dissolution of the family, underperforming schools. if you take a map of chicago and you overlaygo gun violence and climbs and drug abuse or drug war type crimes over the
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underperformingfoperforming and overconfident schools, it's t almost a perfect match. they have to identify what is the real problem and then they have to start figuring out a way to deal with it. it's interesting you say thatou about forming relationships. 'cause that is whatel general petraeus said you need to do do. >> you're exactly right. it was a d clear, hold and build strategy. they need to do that. >> bob, what do you make about w this? chicago authorities aren't even permitted to answer calls, 911 calls that are theft, vehicular theft, misdemeanor felonies. if you get your car stolen, you can't even call the cops. they want to make sure these cops can answer just the murders. >> wait a second. that's pretty out of control. >> these cops are sitting t in their cars because of civil liberties unions? it is because they don't want to get out in the middle of a gang war and's don't want to go out there in large numbers -- >> they don't want to be -- are you kidding me?
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you called the police officers cowards? >> could i clarify something? the guns being used to perpetrate the murders, you think there would be fewer in the hands of bad guys with more gun control laws? do these bad guys abide by the laws? >> if you can confiscate the guns, sure, there would be. nobody is going to have courage. i wouldn't have the courage to get out in a gang war. >> you don't the right back up or the right system, they buster their budget so much, they can't afford to give these cops back up. >> so why would anybody want to bei courageous in the face of that with twobo guys in the car? >> how about fixing the city's finances? >> you go in strong, flood the zone with all kinds of people. you put them on the street. you have tipsters, all sorts of technology where yous. monitorhn these guys. charge them are racketeers. >> they did that in los angeles and it worked.
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>> rudy guiliani did it right here in new york and it worked.n but it's not just chicago that has very strict gun laws. it's also south africa, as well ass. brazil. south africa is an example of gunaz control, some of the strictest laws in the world not working at all. just recently this week we saw the olympic superstar amputee, oscar pistorius, he had a gun. he allegedly shot his girlfriend >> they're on the front page because of who the allegedan killer is. his girlfriend, who was a beautiful model, not getting as muchir attention as i understant why. he was an olympic runner. but the domestic violencely problem is an international world wide problem. thee violence in south africa is such that a lot of people do feel like theyle need to have weapons touc protect themselves. what i wonder about with president obama in chicago today is can they match up their policy proposalspr and the 24 a executive orders did he,
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including naming an atf director? is that actually going to do anything? can they fuel any sort of momentumca out of this so -- i admire him for going because it took away one of the best talking points that people that opposed him had, which was oh, really? well, what about chicago? you don't even go to your a hometown of chicago. now that's takenhi away. so hopefully everybody can then focus on okay. what is the policy prescription? whether or not that would have -- if the runner, pistorius, if he had not had a weapon -- i'm out of words. >> we need to point out in south after a four out of ten people, households are concerned about a break-ins. it's their number one concern. when you make it harder for law abiding people to forget themselves or family and their property, youly instill fear and you make it more dangerous. >> most people are not killed with guns in south africa. they have a long history of people putting tires around their neck and being burned. >> that's not what this is p
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about. >> no, no. i'm just saying. >> is a domestic violence -- >> a lot of people are dying -- >> that doesn't have anything o do with apartheid. >> this white on white violence had something to do v with apart tide? supposedly good guys had guns and all them other people didn't have it. >> so the white super model should have had apl gun? >> the nra would like sort of an apartheid system. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. they want an apartheid system? >> where only the good guys have guns? >> really? >> yeah. >> really? >> yeah. >> the nra wants all whites to have guns and blacks to -- >> no, i think they would like to have law abiding citizens have guns. >> do you disagree? what's wrong with law abiding citizens having guns?wh >> it's fine, i suppose. >> liberal. he's liberal. >> spread the guns around. >> you didn't build that. >> you didn't shoot that, right?
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>> if you confiscate a hand gun, you wouldn't have that problem. >> yould can't confiscate hand guns. >> absolutely. >> once again, what about crack? what a about heroin? that's it's banned. but you can go on the street and get crack and heroin any time you want. if you're bad, right? same thing with a gun. >> in washington, which has a very high murder rate, get their guns from virginia, which is lax rates. and in this state, they get them in pennsylvania -- or the city, 'cause pennsylvania has lax regulations. >> you're making my point is that it doesn't matter how stringent the gun law is, bad people will still getnt guns. you want your law abiding citizens to be as around. >> you want an apartheid type. >> it doesn't make any sense. how did you get apartheid out of the olympic whitee. runner killg his white super model girlfriend? >> the national rifle association. >> we're going to pivot to, this week cop killer christopher
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dorner was captured and heather mcdonald, a scholar and a columnist for national review on-line, blames universities for this liberal fascination with this hero worship of this killer who is supposed to be advocating, i guess for gun control. did he a very bad job of it going around shooting people up. but you go on college campuses and universities. fair point? >> it's a fair point. it might be a stretch. i did find one example, though. there is a guy named nicosi. he just shot three white women in georgia. he said he was an anthropology major, university of western georgia. he said he learned to hate white people as an ant throw apology a major. he said they taught him at school that the white europeans coolonnized the world and created evil and he wanted to get back at them and he said as a form slave or that was his ancestry, he says a right doesen wrong. this is something he learned at the university. i'm not saying it's a trend.
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>> right. it might not be a link, but don't you agree that there is something to this class warfare? we don't just need a university. we see it in our presidential campaigns. >> do you know that heather mcdonald, who is apparently a pretty decent person, comes up with this study based on one or two professors. the idea that liberal professors advocate supporting people like dorner is absolutely ridiculous and a right wing line that we are over and over -- all you liberals love people like dornea and you just want -- it's ridiculous. >> is there a history ofc: libel professors supporting let's just say occupy wall street? >> i think there is a relatively small percentage, yeah. >> or setting off a bomb at the pentagon. >> that was liberal professors before that. >> you had mark hill who appeared with o'reilley who admitted he could see and he could t identify with dorner's pain. now he did apologize, but i think there is a bit -- >> i could pick out and number u right wing professors who
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didn't -- >> there were people on-line that were praising this guy. praising him. >> there were people on-line -- do you know how many progressives are in this country? >> most are in universities. >> no, most of them went tot schools that beat your guys. >> okay. coming up, did a you know that pilgrims were actually illegal immigrants? that's what onega federal agency is telling its employees in one of their training videos on cultural diversity. we've got that tape. that's up nexte on "the five" hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... the
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♪ should have been a cowboy ♪ wearing my six shoe ♪ ♪ riding my pony. >> the u.s. da is getting unwanted attention for hosting a training program on cultural diversity costing $250,000 and it wasco on tape. it was00 exposed by judicial wah and shows instructor giving employees so-called cultural sensitivity training. listen. >> i want to say the pilgrims were illegal aliens. say, the pilgrims never gave their passport to the indians. by then way, i don't like the
2:19 pm
word, minority. how about emerging majority? [ laughter ] all right. easy, easy, easy. down, down. >> tom vilsack released a memo push ago, quote, new era of civil rights and broader culture of transformation. this was broken on "the o'reilly factor" last night. you think that was a good use of taxpayer dollars? >> absolutely not. they have a record of doing this at the usda. they spent $22,000 of taxpayer money making an oil portrait of vilsack and spent a million dollars on an internship program, hired one intern. so it's -- >> super intern. >> did he a lot of work. what i don't understand is the left has always hated pilgrims. they always said they came overd raped the indians and took all the land. and destroyed the environment.. now they're saying, pilgrims ary
2:20 pm
illegal aliens. the left loves illegal aliens! >> are you sure the whole left is like that? >> i don't get it. >> the whole y left? this is what greg does when he sits here. it is certai on people who do that. do i thinker that's good idea? no, i do not. it's a waste of taxpayer money. do i think that the pilgrims and the people who came in forcedeo the indians off their land and murdered them? yes. s. >> together we can make an extension of each other's quest america stronger, healthier and freer to work for all of us. say thank you, black say thank you, black folks.
2:21 pm
i want you to say america was founded by outsiders. say that. today's insiders. >> i think if i had been an employee required to go to this, eric, i don't think i would have said any of that. i would have wanted to go in the first place because i probably had more important things to do. >> you have to watch that video and wonder if he was just beingw outrageous to prove a point, an opposite point, like you should never say stuff like this. i'm watching it, trying to figure out, number one, i don't think it's an issue of 200 grand because by today's standards, they got a bargain. but wow. really saying these things like this and then you're sure the usda employees are like, yep, it's crazy that that's going on. >> were they involved in a couple issues of harassment and sensitivity issues, though? >> i couldn't speak for sure.
2:22 pm
>> what about those video attention you have to sitn' through? >> what about it? >> there are sexual harassment chaining. a lot of these different placesg but none of them that i know are like that. andrea, i'm all for employeel development and figuring out aan way to enhance our employees' lives, help them do better at a certain job, or the personalityo test. if we would all take the personality test and find out what our personalities are so we can work together better, that's a good use of taxpayer money. what did you think when you saw this? >> are we really building our economy on sensitivity counseling? we wonder why we hav>>e a broke government. i'm surprised theyno didn't hire bob to do the training. just kidding. >> great. >> am i missing something? it sounded like totalitarian brainwashing. it was very, very creepy and i think it probably scared the people. you walk around thehi office, you're scared to say something. it was very cultish. but also, am i missing something here? why are they talking about immigration at the usda? u weren't there like corn prices
2:23 pm
they need to talk about, maybe something like that? >> that's right. this is way out of their area of expertise. but i will say this again, that the english, europeans came over and threw the indians off their land, threw them on reservations. exterminated them.ns >> ex termed? >> -- exterminated? >> farm and migrant labor is something they deal with. >> let me get this straight, bob,hi america's founding fathe, they came over here, coolonnized america, made it thee, great lad that we are told. you're saying they exterminated a whole race ofur people? >> you must have been educated in chicago. >> you don't really believe that? >> because the foundinged fathes cameob here 100 years after thee pilgrims came here. >> th collinists. >> what do you think they did with theri indians? >> what did i think? >> they can with the indians? >> they had corn and hadan thanksgiving. >> oh, i see.
2:24 pm
yeah. that was great. >> they sang kumbaya. >> you liking beckel university? >> any last thoughts before we bail? >> yeah. >> coming up, is it a bird or is it a d plane or is it the end of the world? (scream) meteorites and asteroids wreaking havoc on earth. what can you do to prepare for something that is unpreparable? eric's goter the cosmos covereda next on "the five". he
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♪ . >> as the resident apocalyptic, scary things are going on. meteors crashing into buildings. (scream) >> government preparing for zoomy attacks andity department of homeland security evening preparing for the end of times. think i'm being overly dramatic because my favorite show "walking dead"? no, just watched a trainingid video. so dana says is this a joke? this is what happens, theyy reenacted a zombie attack. >> why? it's horse crap. >> i don't know why they wasted so much money doing something like this. but the department of homeland security actually did that.
2:30 pm
>> wow. something?ll you >> yeah. >> it's not horse crap. >> it is! that is not real. >> zombies are coming. >> they're not coming. they they're not coming. >> i don't believe you actually believe the d zombies are comin. >> kill them. you can shoot them. you can shoot an arm off, a leg off. they don't die. >> if you get to oz, the wizard could stop it. it?ou don't believe >> that was the night of the livingel you remember that when the people came out by the cemetery? >> i think you probably got that in your headhe somehow. what is a zombie and why is it going to attack us. >> where is the department of homeland security making a video about it? >> what about wasting money onc: zombie attacks. >> are we noticing a theme heree pilgrims, sensitivity training, shooting zombies, and we wonder why our country has problems. that meteorite, i guess the russians didn't even though that it was coming. although if you're gonna go, you might as well go the day after valentine's day, right? everyone got love in russia.
2:31 pm
>> what does that have to do with anything i want to know why they didn't have radar to track this stuff. >> you were with the bush administration, didn't they have star wars where they can shoot these asteroids and meteorites out of the sky? didn't we spend trillions of t dollars to build this thing. deflect it into tehran. >> doesn't it make you nervous now that nasa is beingng dismantled by this administration? how are we supposed to know -- >> i thought nasa was supposed to do outreach to the muslim community. >> oh, right. >> it was the department of defense. >> no. >> it was not nasa. >> you're right. does -- doesn't have anything to do with space, bob. >> no, no. i think it's waste of asteroid is going to come, what is it going to do? if it hits your house, well, it's a sad thing. i don't want it to hit your house or anybody. if it. hits the russians, that's too bad, too. if it hits any human, it's toong
2:32 pm
bad. with the exception of a few i could thinkep of. >> that's irrelevant right now. >> therec: are 1,000 people wha? >> are you upset about this? >> no. can we point out that video, that weekend away that the department of homeland security spent all that money on, they also spent money, somewhere around $40 billion over the last ten years on various projects like in arizona where these 90na grand to fund and install video monitoring systems at the peoria sports complex to put securityer cameras in chicago and they never, ever once put a securityr camera. >> what the heck is going on? >> it's veryn? strange. i can understand aan training video for different things and it's an effective way instead of having to travel and bringwa trainers in to do something soai that you can watch a individual joe and it can be instructive. i don't understand the zombie thing, though. maybe the department of homeland security has a person effectually good explanation. >> did you see thriller when they rose upla from the dead? michael jackson was dancing with the zombies. hele didn't seem that scared of
2:33 pm
the glom bees. butth boling is scared of the zombies. do we have that right? all theatrics. >> i thought you were a big support of walking dead. >> i'm not. they scare me. >> i don't like it. >> you watched it? >> i'm much more of a raylen gibbons fan. he's the marshal on "jude." >> i: thought you loved homelad security. >> homeland security? >> yeah, it was started under the bush administration. >> no, i't just don't like government waste. >> the bush administration didn't create a zombie video. >> i didn'idt say it did. >> we got to go. >> coming up, have you ever watched waters world on "the factor" and wondered how theych get the hard hitting interviews? >> what's theer obama economic policy? you guysba understand that? >> no. >> no! >> what's obama's jobs policy?
2:34 pm
>> i don't know. >> actually i don't know anything about the economy. >> what's the unemployment rate at right now? >> well, waters is with us. he'll explain how he makes tv magic after the break ♪ ♪ to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility.
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life from america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. a massive clean-up operation underway in russia. crews and volunteers racing to replace thousands of broken windows and distribute warm clothes. at least 1200 injured, most from flying glass. the shock wave from the blast said to be as strong as 20 hiroshima bombs. the cost so far, around $33 billion. officials hope to have all repairs made in the next week.
2:39 pm
and rough winter weather causing major problems in michigan. fast moving snow squalls and slick roads triggering road closures from flint to the ohio state line. and look at this, at least 40 accidents across the southeastern part of the state, including this right here, a massive pileup near detroit involving more than two dozen cars. police say at least one person was seriously injured. get you back to "the five." i'll see you at the top of the hour with more news. ♪ you spin my head right round ♪ . >> welcome back to "the five." i'm jesse in for greg gutfeld. on thursday nights i do a segment called waters world for o'reilley. in case you haven't seen it, here is a sample. >> who is that? >> bush senior? >> that hurts, man. >> there you go again. >> who is your favorite founding fatherou?th
2:40 pm
>> abraham lincoln. >> abraham lincoln. >> he's not a founding father, he? >> first president? >> what's a founding father? >> hi, we met. >> do you know what the unemployment rate is right now? >> oh, 99%. >> congress congresswoman, you said fox news>> lies. could you name a lie? >> what's she doing? i never know what she's doing. >> bill o'reilly. that's not a food look for you. >> you don't think so? >> trust me. >> great talk. >> is obama doing a good job? yes, he is. he's the president of the unitet states. obama. he's the president of the unitea states. winnings award television. wouldn't you guys agree? >> let me just ask awe question here. is that what did you for your final exam, for your high school equivalency diploma? >> you're saying the gedtv? >> it's very interesting. go to the jersey shore, you stay there and you do all those
2:41 pm
things, right? >> i've been to six ivy league>> schools. >> i love waters world. >> we didn't put that in there, yale, harvard, columbia, everywhere. >> you got none of those i answs on there like that, though, right? >> of course i did. those people were wearing bikinis. >> does anybody say the unemployment rate is 7.9%? >> we have a fewe people that nail it. but 80, 75% of the people have no clue what's going on. that's a large number. >> after i watch waters world, i don't know whether to laugh or get i very depressed because it makes me sad sometimes how dumb young people are. can i just ask you something? you got through some of the toughest assign thes, bikuehne clad women. are those your ideas to go to those locales or bill's? >> that's a hard question. half of the ideas are mine and half are bill's. i did pitch the hawaii idea. that's kind of the white whale of waters world. >> who pitched the dog show idea, because i have a feeling -- >> that was me.
2:42 pm
>> this is where you got the dog show idea. let's look. >> oh, no. >> remembero this, eric? eric and i went to the dog show last year and we actually like dogs, unlike you who last night you looked like you were, like, did you think they were going to give you a disease or something? >> i think you're accusing me or stealing your material. >> your idea. >> that's not true. second of all, i'm going to admit, i'm not a dog guy. but i braved it. >> why do it for waters world? n it was my idea, but i immediately regretted it once i entered the dog show. they're very threatening and car sense fear. >> kind of like you right now? >> that's because beckel is staring at me. >> what about drunk women? what's more fun for you. >> we don't like to interview people too inebriated. that's bill's idea.
2:43 pm
>> i bet you do. >> bill says, no, don't get down there. >> go ahead. >> you'll get a coherent sentence anyway. >> let me get inet here for a second. >> two questions, is it true, i predicted "the five" will be i p number one, 'cause we're number two to o'reilley. is it true that o'reilley sent you here to steal our secret sauce and continue trying tore take some of our ideas to make i sure we don't catch up?at >> if he did do that, i'd come back empty handed 'cause i don't really have anything right now. but the show is not over yet, so i could steal something. >> the most important question. >> who told to you pop your collar like that when you do those interviews?vi >> my father, popping collars run in the family. he's done it and now i do it. >> did your family come over on the mayflower? >> we pop the collars on the mayflower. that's a fact. >> you illegal immigrant, you. >> you interview drunk bikini women, don't you like that the best. >> i don't know where you're going with this. it s theme here.
2:44 pm
>> this is h a theme in triple x rated movies that have similar situation and they have a guy like you interviewing drunken women in by but do they really pay you for this? >> not enough. i do deserve hazard pay. i've done interesting things. south side of chicago. we've been doing child sex predator. >> what's your biggest weakness? >> don't put me this a box. >> i would like to give you the last compliment. i think your stuff is very funny and very good and i wouldn't say that if i didn't believe it and i really do. i think do you a good job. >> thank you very much. >> even if you are overpaid. >> i appreciate that. i don't think you know my salary, but i know yours. >> you're a regular portrait in courage, hanging out with the c women. >> thank you very much. happily married. coming up next, office dating, is it a good idea or bad idea? i've been there, done that, and it worked out for me. but not really for everyone. that's a discussion next on "the five". lobsterfest is the king of all promotions.
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♪ >> you ever wanted to date
2:49 pm
someone at work or multiple people s at work? according to a new survey, four in ten people at their workplace admitted to dating a co-worker. let me see. eric, you ever dated a co-worker? >> not since i've been married. [ laughter ] >> when you did, did it work out? >> i don't remember any bad instances of it. but that was long time ago. i've been married a long time. >> dana, how about you? d >> i got married fairly young, when i was 15, and that's why i look so young now. but on this one, how realize people going to meet anybodype today? with the hours people work and the amount of commuting time that it takes, unless you go home and then get on-line and try to find somebody on-line or have to go to a bar to meet somebody, you might meetou somebody at church, which would be great. but i think i a lot of people mt at the office. they have similar behavior. >> you ever met somebody at church?ce
2:50 pm
>> no. but i dated somebody from the office. >> how did that work out?i >> we dated 3 1/2 years. there is some benefits. you have someone to car pool with or a lunch buddy. the down side are far greater becaus se you take your work hoe with you and you bring your homu to work. so it ended up always talking about work, on and on and on. we couldn't letor it go. then everyone at work knew our business, which was frustrating. then one time i got a raise and he didn't. and there was -- >> did they know your business? did that get you upset? >> i think i'm more of a privat> person, so i didn't likeon everybody knowing when we had ae argument or where we were goinge on vacation. >> what else happened? jesse, you are a successful workplace partner. >> so far, yes. >> can you tell us what happened? >> yeah. i met my wife here at work. at shepard smith's apartment. she did she. >> can you elaborate? >> what was your wife doing in
2:51 pm
shepard smith's apartment? >> i don't know what you're implying. no, we were on a show. i was on a show called "the pulse" that got canceled. he was having a party to thank us for our hard work. she was t there. apparently she had been asking about me t and checking up on m. she happened to be at the party that day and i happened to see her and -- >> was shep playing match maker? >> i don't think he had a lot to do with it. >> you had twins out of that. >> he didn't get involved in the story actually. >> she pursued you s is whathe you're saying? >> i'm not going to say it like that. >> wait, wait. shep was dating your wife before she was your wife and you stole her from shepard smith? >> this is going down -- what i'm trying to say is my wife is a beautiful woman and i fell head over heels in love with her. we have two beautiful childrenen right >> blah, blah? we work together. >> my experience with it, iif dated manyhe of my co-workers. >> how did that work out? >> i oned thde company. >> did you date any employees? >> yeah. >> was that appropriate? >> it was when it came to me. >> when you had your company,
2:52 pm
did you host sexual harassmentme training? >> of course. >> diversity training? >> yeah. i said, just don't do it here. ]laughter >> when you were dating some of the women who worked for you, did it ever go poorly, like you had to break up with them and then they were angry at you or you had tto fire them? >> yeah, but the easy thing was i could fire them. >> wow. [ laughter ] >> that is so -- >> i wouldn't do that. i promoted them, i didn't fireth them. that's what i did. >> i don't know which is more appropriate.pp >> depending how things went. >> were you ever dating two of them at the same time? >> yes. >> how did that go? >> well, it was an interesting weekend. okay. [ laughter ] one more thing is up next. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend.
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>> it's now time for one more thing. dana, kick us off. >> i'm excited to talk about this. i work with dit this group,or companions for heros and they match up rescue animals with war veterans. crook, he had ptsd, he heard about this program on the radio and he called them and three yearm.s later, he's a thriving restaurant entrepreneur and wuse did a little feature about him. take f a look. >> i've been to school, served in the military. but there was a dark side of me that no one could touch.
2:57 pm
i wouldn't let anyone in. >> but myer has been able to h break through. companions for heros matches animals who face death becaus they don't have a home with veterans, active military, andom first responders. so far there has been over 140 perfect matches. >> this is started by david sharp, who wounded warrior himself, ptsd survivor, is living in georgia, but kept this program going. i want to congratulate them for that. >> here, here. that's a t great, great programa great idea. >> all right. mr. waters? >> when i heard i wares coming n "the five," i asked o'reilley for a little bit of advice andnd this is what he told me. >> waters, inex ex olympicably will be hosting on "the five" today. >> our producer said that when i'm on "the five," they're goin" to have to call it the 4 1/2. >> don't take any garbage from beckel. watch him. don't let him get behind you. >> i won't. >> so beckel, i think you and i
2:58 pm
really hit it off. what do youhi think? >> i think it's love at first sight. >> are you going to start dating in the office? >> if i date him, i'm going to get promoted. that's how he rolls. >> and you'll have a wild christmas party. during the break, a lot of times the viewers want to know what do you talk about during the break? so t i asked bob what the beckel company christmas parties were like and he said, let's put it this way, i hired people that had the same mindset that i do.a eric? >> so i'm not sure what we can do for president's day weekend. president obama just got backde from 17 days in hawaii. w turns out michelle -- can we take the full screen. michelle obama is going to fly to aspen, colorado. barak obama is going to fly down to west palm beach, florida. they're going to be very farpa apart for that weekend. i'm just saying.d. forget about the conspiracy, whether or not they should be together or not on president's s day weekend. >> oh, my gosh.
2:59 pm
>> i'm suggesting it costs a lot of money to spend all that security and the airplanes -- i'm not saying i thought that. there are people who say, oh, you know. lot of pressure being president. >> okay. >> maureen dowd hinted a the it. >> i think i would rather go to florida. that's why i worked every president's day in the last 20 years. >> is it a real holiday? do we getl off? >> of course it's a real holiday. 5 >> didn't president obama say 58 days ago that he wouldn't restha until everybody had a good job? >> i think he's pivoting down. >> to a blue hawaiian and mat tai. >> the heavy lifting. >> okay. mine is a column in the daily caller. it'str very, very amusing. taylor bigler writes this column that

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